An arty day out in London

As an art student, taking these trips and going into central London means I expand my knowledge of different art forms, specifically paintings.

Travelling is always better with company, so with me I had a few friends. We chose to take the tube since it was one of the easiest and cheapest way of travelling into London

Above is a picture of Alma pretending to read the newspaper on the platform whilst waiting for a couple of my other friends who were late.

After arriving at Leicester Square Station we headed to the National Portrait Gallery which was a couple minutes walk away.

This is Ayesha closely observing a painting I can’t remember the name of.

I loved looking at the paintings up close to see the techniques used by painter, perhaps I’ll be as good as them one day.


Ellen Terry (‘choosing’) by George Fredric
Ed Sheeran by Colin Davidson

From the National Portrait Gallery, these were a couple of my favourites.
These were probably my favourites because I tend to be attracted towards paintings with nature and Ed is one of my favourite singers. Having no clue that he had a painting of himself made I was pretty shocked.

After we left the National Portrait Gallery we decided to visit the National Gallery which was a couple minutes away, this is a picture from the outside:








As soon as I stepped in the first thing I noticed wasn’t really the gallery’s paintings, but the architecture and how beautiful it was with its intricate detail.

My favourite paintings I saw that day would undoubtedly have to be the following:

Winter Landscape by Casper David Friedrich
Sunflowers by Van Gogh



Each aspect of ‘Winter Landscape’ is meaningful. One of them would be the cathedral in the background emerging from the mist, symbolizing the promise of life after death. ‘Sunflowers’ by Van Gogh has just been a favourite of mine recently and I was impressed to see it in real life.

Both gift shops were filled with expensive souvenirs that I unquestionably could not afford as museum gift shops are overpriced, in my opinion. Although the ones I went to are free entry so technically it’s understandable.

In saying that, this is what I picked up from both galleries; there are a lot of leaflets mainly because I wanted to put them into my art book. Also, I love buying tote bags which is why I picked this one up from The National Gallery.

Overall, it was an amazing trip out in London and I definitely recommend visiting those Galleries.





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