Sightseeing London

This day started off with being a “let’s go see New Hope Club (who will now be referred to as NHC because I’m lazy to write the full form) because they’re busking and it’s free” to “now I want to go sightseeing” kinda day.

NHC to those of you who aren’t familiar are a pop band that consist of Reece Bibby, Blake Richardson and George Smith. They are currently one of my favourite pop bands and I’ve loved meeting them as well as watching them play at their headline show at Shepherds Bush earlier this year.

So this time, I went with a close friend of mine, Gabi. We had a lot of fun and loved being apart of their busking for Teenage Cancer Trust.

One thing I cannot seem to ever forget was the fact that there was a bee/wasp (can’t remember which one) flying around specifically in the inner crowd which terrified us all.

Nevertheless, it went away after 5 mins of approximately >50 girls trying to move it away from the crowd and we continued with the singing or “mini concert” I’d like to have called it.

After we were finished with NHC, we decided to head to Piccadilly Circus via tube and wandered around till we found the beautiful Chinatown Gate.

Undeniably, it was a beautiful day and the gate looked stunning, seeing it for the first time.

Hence, we went through the gate and the colours around us were vibrant.

We strolled through the colourful Chinatown and made our way out, I intend on going back sometime next year to aimlessly walk through further into exploring it.

Before we walked the path towards Chinatown we did notice M&M world and couldn’t leave before having a look inside (since neither of us had ever been).

If you love chocolate, this is the place for you. If not, I do not recommend going inside. The only scent, as soon as you walk in, is of chocolate. It’s like the scent of bath bombs before you walk into lush if that helps you understand at all of what I’m describing.

There was around 4-5 floors of chocolate and/or M&M merchandise with countless colours of M&M’s. From a perspective of someone who can be sick of chocolate in a short amount of time, it wasn’t exactly safe to stay in ‘M&M World’ much longer so we left, continuing our trip.

We ended up visiting the centre of Piccadilly Circus at the junction of where 5 roads met. I’ve always loved stopping over here to take a look at the huge screens.

After taking in the space and taking a seat on the stairs by the statue, we were on our way home through tube, once again.

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