Choosing A Level Subjects

The two years after year 11 are probably the most important two years of your life, so it’s important to work as hard as you possibly can as it determines your entry into university, further education or future jobs.

Although, choosing your A level subjects isn’t a choice to make lightly as you have to be committed to these subjects and should be willing to put in the time and effort to achieve in them. The gap between GCSEs and A levels is immense which you may not realise at the start of your first A level year, but as time moves forward it becomes clearer and harder. This will increase your stress regardless of the organisation.

When choosing your A levels, it’s important to make sure you have passion, interest and love for the subject. Picking a subject merely because your parents want you to, won’t make studying the subject any easier or interesting, it will just give you the feeling of regret that you hadn’t picked a different one.

I feel lucky to have chosen Art, English Lit and Psychology for my A levels as I have a mix of creativity as well as academic. My favourite out of the three would have to be Psychology as I’ve wanted to study the subject, even before A levels and now the passion for the subject drives me to do well in it.

Grades at GCSE have a massive impact on your A levels as a lot of them have grade requirements. For example, if you don’t achieve a minimum of a grade 6 at GCSE, you won’t be allowed to take maths. Of course, depending on the school you attend the requirements will be different but that’s just an example.

Even though it’s very early in life to start thinking about the career or job you want to pursue in the future, it’s important to know that the subjects you choose to study will have an impact on what you’re able to do later on. If university is the next step you are planning to take, you need to be aware of the courses available, and more importantly, their requirements. It’s one thing to be able to achieve their grade requirements, but making sure you have the grades for the subjects they require is crucial.

I hope this blog post helps those of you who are considering subjects to take at A level and to make the choice easier.

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