Shawn Mendes On Tour

All I can say, is the experience was like no other. 20,000 people in the O2 arena to see Shawn Mendes and every one of them reacting to his every emotion, song lyric and chord on his guitar.

Seeing the whole arena jump to “There’s nothing holding me back” to whole-heartedly singing “Never be alone” with their eyes closed was a sight I’ll never forget.

Before Shawn arrived on stage, Alessia Cara took the stage and lit it up, she gathered everyone’s energies into one; a couple favourites of mine she sang was “Scars to your beautiful” and her version of Moana, “How far I’ll go”.

Both singers had their moments of realisation of what was in front of them. An arena of loving fans, no matter how young or old they were, the energy from them all was more than they had ever dreamt of.

The experience will be in my memory for a lifetime and I can’t thank both Alessia and Shawn enough for it.

I definitely recommend going to a concert no matter how small or big it may be as you are surrounded by people loving the same music as you.

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