WOW Women Of the World

11th October 2019

Waking up at the early hours of the morning before sunrise, I commuted into London via Waterloo, making my way to the National Theatre. In retrospect, I quite liked waking up before the sun had risen, then watching the day become brighter, even though all I could think about at the time was how cold it was and whether or not I remembered to pack my hat.

After arriving at the event, a group of us were escorted with a few mentors into a London eye capsule. We began by introducing ourselves and shortly after, mentees (which I was apart of) were given a chance to ask various questions to the mentors. The mentor were heads of their departments or areas they worked in, and were more than happy to share their knowledge.


After gathering a lot of advice from the mentors, and riding the London eye twice, we headed back to the National Theatre.

Giving everyone enough time to grab a tea/coffee, there was an In Conversation with WOW’s Founder Jude Kelly CBE and Clara Amfo.

The speakers were very empowering for all who were present and I personally loved their comments on how the fight for women is not complete. Women before us have fought for the right to vote/education/birth control and we are the next set of women that have to do our own “warrior work”. These battles are fought everyday, no matter what your background may be and we live in a world that doesn’t want you to win, so fighting is crucial.

Mental health was also mentioned as there is an idea of constantly wanting to be successful and being tough. Although, vulnerability is powerful and you cannot fight for the right to make sure mental health is given space, time and respect to, in the end, just pretend to be fine inside. Having ups and downs is one of the things that makes us human.

The entire event as a whole felt very inviting and there was a sense of belonging. I will be looking forward on attending the WOW Festival in March 2020.